You will be fishing with Penn rods and reels spooled with 20 lb. Power Pro. No worries when you hook that 30 inch Snook, just pull him out of the mangroves. These are all around good combos for the bay and flats. For the Big boys in Boca Grande, we break out the big guns. Large 50 class rods and reels spooled with 100 lb. Power Pro. No break off's here. We provide all the gear and drinks.


We have two boats for specialty fishing. The first is a brand new 2008 Champion bay boat, powered by the eye watering fast Suzuki 300. If this doesn't get you to the fishing areas fast, I don't know what will. This boat is primarily used for groups of 3 or more. It has more than enough deck space and is a very comfortable ride. When fishing in Boca Grande, we always use this boat because of the renowned Champion hull. You won't find a safer boat. Equipped with the Bob's 10 inch jack plate it also handles 12 inch water with ease.

The second boat is for the most serious of backwater stalker. This 18 foot Archer Craft is custom built in Tampa, Florida specifically for the skinniest of water. There is nowhere the Redfish and Snook can hide, we promise that.

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